Mariam Topoliani

 Table Tennis 

Mariam Topoliani - was born on April 11, 1975 in Russia. In 1981 she was transferred to the Kakheti Children's Home. She has been living in Dighomi Children's Home since 1984. She graduated from Dighomi Children's Home School and continued her studies at the Tbilisi State University of Foreign Languages, majoring in German Philology. She has been practicing table tennis since 2006. She is a multiple prize-winner of Tbilisi and Georgian championships. Gold medalist of the Tbilisi International Friendly Games 2015. Gold medalist of the Yerevan International Tournament 2018. Gold medalist of the World Special Olympics held in Dubai in 2018, gold medalist of the Georgian Paralympic Table Tennis Championship in 2019. Silver medalist of the 2019 Armenian International Tournament.